Cohen Cash


We love to reward our patients for keeping their smiles healthy! Cohen Cash is our way to say thank you. We have great rewards for adults and children including real cash! You can view all the available prizes in the cabinet at our office. Some examples include:

100  Cohen Cash = $50 cash or spa certificate
 75   Cohen Cash = $30 cash
 65   Cohen Cash = $25 iTunes gift card
 50   Cohen Cash = $15 cash

You may also choose to donate your Cohen Cash to a charity (see below).

Here are some examples of how you can earn your Cohen Cash:

  • You refer a new patient for a consultation (10 Cohen Cash)
  • The patient you referred starts treatment (20 Cohen Cash)
  • On time for your appointment (1 Cohen Cash)
  • Good oral hygiene at your appointment (1 Cohen Cash)
  • Nothing broken at your appointment (1 Cohen Cash)
  • Cooperative at your appointment (1 Cohen Cash)
  • No broken brackets throughout braces treatment (20 Cohen Cash)
  • Excellent brushing throughout braces treatment (20 Cohen Cash)


Thanks to the generosity of our patients, last year we donated $1919 to cancer research! If you have extra Cohen Cash or choose not to save for a reward, you can put your money in our donation jar in the office. At the end of the year, Dr. Cohen will donate 50 cents for every Cohen Cash dollar to CureSearch for Children's Cancer